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Sylvie Hétu

Sylvie is the mother of three children, two boys and one girl. She lives in Montreal, Canada.

Sylvie studied nutrition in college in 1976 and graduated from Montreal University receiving a degree in education. She then completed three years of training as a Steiner teacher (Waldorf education). She worked for two years in a day care centre and three years in a pre-schools and a primary schools as a teacher.

She became a qualified Infant Massage Instructor in 1983 after meeting the work of the IAIM and Vimala McClure. She became a qualified Instructor Trainer in 1989 and pioneered infant massage in Canada. She was the first president of IAIM international. During her 12 year presidency, Sylvie took IAIM across Europe, South East Asia and Africa. The Association continued to grow from five to 35 countries under Sylvie’s leadership, thanks to her passion and tireless energy to promote its work. Since her terms’ end Sylvie remains very much involved as a member of the IAIM International Education Committee, educating Instructors and Trainers globally.

She also created approaches in massage for toddler groups, day care and pre-school children with L’Association pour la Petite Enfance au Quebec”, an association supporting children under 6 years old. She has created approaches for school aged children which she has presented to teachers during study days and at educational conventions, colleges and universities in her province.

Sylvie did volunteer work in two hospitals in Montreal with babies and children who were ill. She also did volunteer work for “Alternative Naissance”, a support centre for parents for 10 years. Sylvie also participated in the creation of a video for alternative approaches in child birth and infant care.

She founded “Au Coeur de l’Enfance” which consists of services and resources in education for parents and educators. She now lectures regularly around the world about discipline, play, and the influence of technology in education.

With her Colleague Mia Elmsater she co-founded the Massage in Schools Routine: A revolutionary strategy for replacing bullying with respect and for reducing violence

She has 3 books published and is currently working on new titles to expand her bibliography.

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Katie NorfolkIMG_1157

For the past 12 years, Katie has worked as a freelance wellbeing practitioner and trainer in schools.

“I am fascinated and inspired by the human ability to heal, grow and flourish. Working mindfully and gently with young people and those adults who support young people is incredibly important to me. So I combine a therapeutic background and experience with a deep desire to bring the  positive and vital benefits of simple, well intentioned touch to young people and their families. This is possible in schools and classrooms- where learning processes can become clearly supported and extended. I have worked with 20+ schools in the Merseyside area and taught the programme to 3000+ children since 2008.”

In the last couple of years Katie has worked closely with Everton Nursery School and Family Centre – supporting their development of the mini-misp for 2-4 year olds, linking with local primary schools and delivering workshops for local authorities around early years education and massage.

A director of MISA (EWNI-) since 2010 and committed to  building on the solid foundations of the programme in the UK and supporting the vision of embedding the programme in to all children’s daily lives.

Sandra Hooper     SHbarcombepix2 copy

‘Sandra is an experienced primary school teacher and massage therapist combining her experience and expertise in both fields to become first a MISP instructor (2004) and then a MISP Trainer (2006). With her experience of teaching in schools, Sandra brings an understanding of the challenges of introducing something new into an already full curriculum; with her experience as an independent massage therapist, she has developed skills and networks that she hopes will help new instructors take the MISP forward. Also a co-author of a new e-book, Once Upon a Touch… Story Massage for Children, she shares her work combining storytelling with simple massage strokes to bring positive nurturing touch to the home, school and wider community.’

Mary Beattie

Mary with her niece
Mary with her niece

Mary is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Massage in Schools Practitioner. She teaches families, children and classes in London and Surrey. Mary was trained by Sylvie and it was life changing! She also draws on 13 years experience working with young people across voluntary and statutory sectors. She directed the full time sexual health services clinic and outreach in Luton with Brook Advisory and looked after HIV and sexual health, teenage pregnancy and the maternity strategy within Public Health in City and Hackney. She has also been commissioned to write gender based violence reduction programmes for schools internationally.

She is continually inspired by the way massage, mindfulness and the fun of connecting with others simply allows for healing and relaxation. She believes these are the simplest and best tools for preventing and alleviating stress in ourselves and for our children. She works as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Pregnancy Masseuse, Back and neck clinics using the Stephenson technique. She is a young persons sexual health consultant and trainer and runs Sorting out Stress workshops for young people and families.

“I am very happy to serve these beautiful trainings by co-ordinating Sylvie’s London and Winchester dates and will provide support to students before during and after the training”

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