'Babies needs are simple. They need warmth for the heart and warmth for the body' Rudolph Steiner

'Babies needs are simple. They need warmth for the heart and warmth for the body' Rudolph Steiner


London, Glasgow and the Highlands, Kent, Winchester, and Amsterdam

"This training has changed my life and my work. I cannot recommend Sylvie highly enough. A revelation."  Course participant

“Mary held the space with continued love and warmth from start to end. This training has changed my life. Thank you. Thank you” Margate participant

Immerse yourself in our Four Day Intensive Training with expert IAIM trainers Sylvie Hétu and Mary Beattie. The course covers everything you will need to run Infant Massage classes for parents and their babies. You will become a parent educator, supporting them to learn a new skill with their baby. Our association is the oldest and most established and present on all the continents. You can fully trust the team of experts that ensure that our course is robust, safe, beneficial and fulfilling. We are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and a wealth of research.



29th Oct - 1st November at Rudolph Steiner House, Central London, NW1 6XT


21st to 24th October Winchester Royal Hotel, Winchester, SO23 8BS



28th - 31st January, Rudolph Steiner House, NW1 6XT

31st March - 3rd April, Rudolph Steiner House, NW1 6XT

2nd - 5th June, Rudolph Steiner House, NW1 6XT

12th - 15th October, Rudolph Steiner House, NW1 6XT


17th to 20th February Many Studios, The Barras

17th to 20th August CCA, G2


27th to 30th March Tunbridge Wells


13th 16th July


25th 28th May 2020

Early booking is highly recommended as we fill our trainings

“Babies need touch more than food. It is a basic human behavioral need. Human beings cannot survive without touch.” Ashley Montagu

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All aspects of the infant massage class that you will run, support the bonding process and secure attachment of parents and babies. This is known to build resilience in babies, and resilience has many lifelong protective and preventative factors associated with it - from type 2 diabetes to relationship choices.

In your new role you will be able to run classes around your schedule and this flexible nature is prefect for parents and those already running other classes. Or to supplement your income in the most joyful way.

The work is already used as a tool to model good parenting and can reduce social isolation in vulnerable families and real change can happen in our classes. The science and neuro-science of nurturing touch is well evidenced. IAIM classes will assist you In your work with all special situations, from parents suffering post natal depression to babies born early.

How the certification process works: 4 days attendance at training of your choosing, take home assignment, teaching practice classes once a week for 5 weeks to 5 families.

This is stimulating work for anyone who is interested in promoting baby massage in our culture and valuing parents’ role in our society.

Our intensive training sessions are designed for pediatric specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists, childcare educators, family support workers, and people working with those who have special needs or anyone who shows the aptitude and willingness to promote infant massage.

The certification enables the participant to teach parents and caregivers how to massage their babies as well as giving lectures.

We train according to the International Association of Infant Massage because the founder, Vimala McClure had this vision over 40 years ago:

“Promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research; so parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community”

We will teach you a routine of massage strokes inspired by Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga, developed for babies up to twelve months old.

The class is a safe cocoon: fostering quality bonding time for parent and child, reducing anxiety and enhancing communication between them. The class provides a breathing space for baby and the parent to ‘JUST BE’ and the massage is excellent for stimulating the immune system, supporting growth and development, and promoting better sleep. For parents this can alleviate post-natal depression, improves intimacy between father and baby, and increases confidence in first-time parents. All parents have their own expertise that can be cultivated in the class with the love and support of the fellow parents.

“The quality and professionalism of the IAIM infant-massage trainings are second to none, and the IAIM constitutes perhaps the world’s most important and culturally innovative Social Movement to emerge in recent decades”. “Research shows conclusively that healthy early attachment is essential in human development, and the IAIM training is by far the best institutional approach on the planet for nurturing and empowering early parent-child attachment relationships.” Dr Richard House